3000 từ thông dụng - Phần 108


accompany /əˈkʌmpəni/
(v) to travel or go somewhere with somebody/something
Example: His wife accompanied him on the trip.His wife accompanied him on the trip.

aloud /əˈlaʊd/
(adj) in a voice that other people can hear
Example: The teacher listened to the children reading aloud.

among /əˈmʌŋ/
(pre) surrounded by somebody/something; in the middle of somebody/something
Example: a house among the trees

apparently /əˈpærəntli/
(adj) according to what you have heard or read; according to the way something appears
Example: I thought she had retired, but apparently she hasn't.

brick /brɪk/
(n) baked clay used for building walls, houses and other buildings; an individual block of this
Example: a pile of bricks

button /ˈbʌtn/
(n) a small round piece of metal, plastic, etc. that is sewn onto a piece of clothing and used for fastening two parts together
Example: to sew on a button

celebrate /ˈselɪbreɪt/
(v) to show that a day or an event is important by doing something special on it
Example: Jake's passed his exams. We're going out to celebrate.

commission /kəˈmɪʃn/
(v) an official group of people who have been given responsibility to control something, or to find out about something, usually for the government
Example: She has been commissioned to write a new national anthem.

copy /ˈkɒpi/
(v) a thing that is made to be the same as something else, especially a document or a work of art
Example: Everything in the computer's memory can be copied onto DVDs.

develop /dɪˈveləp/
(v) to gradually grow or become bigger, more advanced, stronger, etc.; to make something do this
Example: She developed the company from nothing.

else /els/
(adj) in addition to something already mentioned
Example: I don't want anything else, thanks.

fair /feə(r)/
(adj) acceptable and appropriate in a particular situation
Example: It's only fair to add that they were not told about the problem until the last minute.

guess /ɡes/
(n) to try and give an answer or make a judgement about something without being sure of all the facts
Example: My guess is that we won't hear from him again.

handle /ˈhændl/
(v) to deal with a situation, a person, an area of work or a strong emotion
Example: We can handle up to 500 calls an hour at our new offices.

impressed /ɪmˈprest/
(adj) admiring somebody/something because you think they are particularly good, interesting, etc.
Example: We were all impressed by her enthusiasm.