3000 từ thông dụng - Phần 19


afternoon /ˌɑːftəˈnuːn/
(n) the period of time from 12 o'clock in the middle of the day until about 6 o’clock in the evening
Example: Come over on Sunday afternoon.

arm /ɑːm/
(v) either of the two long parts that stick out from the top of the body and connect the shoulders to the hands
Example: The country was arming against the enemy.

bank /bæŋk/
(n) an organization that provides various financial services, for example keeping or lending money
Example: a bank manager

base /beɪs/
(v) the lowest part of something, especially the part or surface on which it rests or stands
Example: We're going to base ourselves in Tokyo and make trips from there.

card /kɑːd/
(n) thick, stiff paper; a piece of this for writing on
Example: a piece of card

comedy /ˈkɒmədi/
(n) a play, film or TV show that is intended to be funny, usually with a happy ending; plays, films and TV shows of this type
Example: slapstick comedy

criticize /ˈkrɪtɪsaɪz/
(v) to say that you think somebody/something is bad; to say what you do not like or think is wrong about somebody/something
Example: All you ever do is criticize!

crop /krɒp/
(n) a plant that is grown in large quantities, especially as food
Example: Sugar is an important crop on the island.

easy /ˈiːzi/
(adj) not difficult; done or obtained without a lot of effort or problems
Example: It can't be easy for her, on her own with the children.

egg /eɡ/
(n) a small oval object with a thin hard shell produced by a female bird and containing a young bird; a similar object (without a hard shell) produced by a female fish, insect, etc.
Example: The fish lay thousands of eggs at one time.

fifty /ˈfɪfti/
(adj) 50
Example: How fast were they driving?\" \"They were doing fifty (miles an hour).\"

ignore /ɪɡˈnɔː(r)/
(v) to pay no attention to something
Example: We cannot afford to ignore their advice.

impact /ˈɪmpækt/
(n) the powerful effect that something has on somebody/something
Example: Businesses are beginning to feel the full impact of the recession.

most /məʊst/
(adj) the largest in number or amount
Example: It was the people with the least money who gave most generously.

national /ˈnæʃnəl/
(adj) connected with a particular nation; shared by a whole nation
Example: These buildings are part of our national heritage.