3000 từ thông dụng - Phần 26


abuse /əˈbjuːs/
(v) the use of something in a way that is wrong or harmful
Example: He systematically abused his body with heroin and cocaine.

coffee /ˈkɒfi/
(n) the roasted seeds (called coffee beans ) of a tropical bush; a powder made from them
Example: decaffeinated/instant coffee

connect /kəˈnekt/
(v) to join together two or more things; to be joined together
Example: First connect the printer to the computer.

deal /diːl/
(n) to give cards to each player in a game of cards
Example: They spent a great deal of money.

display /dɪˈspleɪ/
(v) to put something in a place where people can see it easily; to show something to people
Example: She displayed her bruises for all to see.

emotional /ɪˈməʊʃənl/
(adj) connected with people’s feelings (= with the emotions)
Example: a child's emotional and intellectual development

essay /ˈeseɪ/
(n) a short piece of writing by a student as part of a course of study
Example: an essay on the causes of the First World War

faucet /ˈfɔːsɪt/
(n) a device that controls the flow of water from a pipe
Example: the hot/cold faucet

gallon /ˈɡælən/
(n) a unit for measuring liquid. In the UK, Canada and other countries it is equal to about 4.5 litres ; in the US it is equal to about 3.8 litres . There are four quarts in a gallon .
Example: An imperial gallon, used in Britain, is equal to 4,546 cubic centimetres.

green /ɡriːn/
(n) having the colour of grass or the leaves of most plants and trees
Example: the green of the countryside in spring

hospital /ˈhɒspɪtl/
(n) a large building where people who are ill or injured are given medical treatment and care
Example: He had to go to the hospital for treatment.

ill /ɪl/
(adj) suffering from an illness or disease; not feeling well
Example: Uncle Harry is terminally ill with cancer (= he will die from his illness).

letter /ˈletə(r)/
(n) a written, typed or printed message that is put in an envelope or attached to an email and sent to somebody
Example: to mail a letter

level /ˈlevl/
(n) the height of something in relation to the ground or to what it used to be
Example: a relatively low/high level of crime

machinery /məˈʃiːnəri/
(n) machines as a group, especially large ones
Example: agricultural/industrial machinery