3000 từ thông dụng - Phần 36


admiration /ˌædməˈreɪʃn/
(n) a feeling of respect for and approval of somebody/something
Example: to watch/gaze in admiration

ankle /ˈæŋkl/
(n) the joint connecting the foot to the leg; the narrow part of the leg just above the ankle joint
Example: to sprain/break your ankle

bicycle /ˈbaɪsɪkl/
(n) a road vehicle with two wheels that you ride by pushing the pedals with your feet
Example: We went for a bicycle ride on Sunday.

breathing /ˈbriːðɪŋ/
(n) the action of taking air into the lungs and sending it out again
Example: Heavy (= loud) breathing was all I could hear.

expert /ˈekspɜːt/
(n) a person with special knowledge, skill or training in something
Example: He's an expert at getting his own way.

funny /ˈfʌni/
(adj) making you laugh
Example: I was really embarrassed, but then I saw the funny side of it.

impatient /ɪmˈpeɪʃnt/
(adj) annoyed by somebody/something, especially because you have to wait for a long time
Example: I'd been waiting for twenty minutes and I was getting impatient.

intelligence /ɪnˈtelɪdʒəns/
(n) the ability to learn, understand and think in a logical way about things; the ability to do this well
Example: He didn't even have the intelligence to call for an ambulance.

keen /kiːn/
(adj) wanting to do something or wanting something to happen very much
Example: I wasn't too keen on going to the party.

landscape /ˈlændskeɪp/
(n) everything you can see when you look across a large area of land, especially in the country
Example: an urban/industrial landscape

light /laɪt/
(v) the energy from the sun, a lamp, etc. that makes it possible to see things
Example: I put a lighted match to the letter and watched it burn.

minute /ˈmɪnɪt/
(n) each of the 60 parts of an hour, that are equal to 60 seconds
Example: a ten-minute bus ride

mistake /mɪˈsteɪk/
(n) an action or an opinion that is not correct, or that produces a result that you did not want
Example: It was a big mistake on my part to have trusted her.

mistaken /mɪˈsteɪkən/
(adj) wrong in your opinion or judgement
Example: I thought I saw someone I knew, but I must have been mistaken.

park /pɑːk/
(v) an area of public land in a town or a city where people go to walk, play and relax
Example: He's parked very badly.