3000 từ thông dụng - Phần 39


accidental /ˌæksɪˈdentl/
(adj) happening by chance; not planned
Example: I didn't think our meeting was accidental—he must have known I would be there.

based /beɪst/
(adj) if one thing is based on another, it uses it or is developed from it
Example: The movie is based on a real-life incident.

boil /bɔɪl/
(v) when a liquid boils or when you boil it, it is heated to the point where it forms bubbles and turns to steam or vapour
Example: The water was bubbling and boiling away.

carry /ˈkæri/
(v) to support the weight of somebody/something and take them or it from place to place; to take somebody/something from one place to another
Example: The injured were carried away on stretchers.

cease /siːs/
(v) to stop happening or existing; to stop something from happening or existing
Example: You never cease to amaze me!

court /kɔːt/
(n) the place where legal trials take place and where crimes, etc. are judged
Example: Her lawyer made a statement outside the court.

dear /dɪə(r)/
(adj) used at the beginning of a letter before the name or title of the person that you are writing to
Example: He's one of my dearest friends.

edition /ɪˈdɪʃn/
(n) the form in which a book, newspaper, etc. is published
Example: She collects first editions of Victorian novels.

email /ˈiːmeɪl/
(v) a way of sending messages and data to other people by means of computers connected together in a network
Example: I'll email the documents to her.

exist /ɪɡˈzɪst/
(v) to be real; to be present in a place or situation
Example: Does life exist on other planets?

forgive /fəˈɡɪv/
(v) to stop feeling angry with somebody who has done something to harm, annoy or upset you; to stop feeling angry with yourself
Example: I can't forgive that type of behaviour.

house /haʊs/
(n) a building for people to live in, usually for one family
Example: We're moving house(= leaving our house and going to live in a different one).

invitation /ˌɪnvɪˈteɪʃn/
(n) a spoken or written request to somebody to do something or to go somewhere
Example: to accept/turn down/decline an invitation

mention /ˈmenʃn/
(v) to write or speak about something/somebody, especially without giving much information
Example: Nobody mentioned anything to me about it.

naked /ˈneɪkɪd/
(adj) not wearing any clothes
Example: naked shoulders