3000 từ thông dụng - Phần 79


baby /ˈbeɪbi/
(n) a very young child or animal
Example: a newborn baby

concrete /ˈkɒŋkriːt/
(n) made of concrete
Example: The pathway is formed from large pebbles set in concrete.

conference /ˈkɒnfərəns/
(n) a large official meeting, usually lasting for a few days, at which people with the same work or interests come together to discuss their views
Example: The conference will be held in Glasgow.

contain /kənˈteɪn/
(v) if something contains something else, it has that thing inside it or as part of it
Example: This drink doesn't contain any alcohol.

day /deɪ/
(n) a period of 24 hours
Example: ‘What day is it today?’ ‘Monday.’

depth /depθ/
(n) the distance from the top or surface to the bottom of something; a particular distance down from the surface of something
Example: Water was found at a depth of 30 metres.

detail /ˈdiːteɪl/
(n) a small individual fact or item; a less important fact or item
Example: He stood still, absorbing every detail of the street.

dress /dres/
(v) a piece of women’s clothing that is made in one piece and covers the body down to the legs, sometimes reaching to below the knees, or to the ankles
Example: The children spend hours dressing and undressing their dolls.

extend /ɪkˈstend/
(v) to make something longer or larger
Example: to extend a fence/road/house

field /fiːld/
(n) an area of land in the country used for growing crops or keeping animals in, usually surrounded by a fence, etc.
Example: a ploughed field

fold /fəʊld/
(v) to bend something, especially paper or cloth, so that one part lies on top of another part
Example: First, fold the paper in half/in two.

forget /fəˈɡet/
(v) to not remember to do something that you ought to do, or to bring or buy something that you ought to bring or buy
Example: I forget how much they paid for it.

frame /freɪm/
(n) a strong border or structure of wood, metal, etc. that holds a picture, door, piece of glass, etc. in position
Example: I'm going to paint the door frame white.

full /fʊl/
(adj) containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space
Example: My suitcase was full of books.

girlfriend /ˈɡɜːlfrend/
(n) a girl or a woman that somebody is having a romantic relationship with
Example: I've never met his girlfriend.