3000 từ thông dụng - Phần 88


armed /ɑːmd/
(adj) involving the use of weapons
Example: an armed robbery

aunt /ɑːnt/
(n) the sister of your father or mother; the wife of your uncle
Example: My aunt lives in Canada.

better /ˈbetə(r)/
(n) of a higher standard or less poor quality; not as bad as something else
Example: I expected better of him (= I thought he would have behaved better).

curtain /ˈkɜːtn/
(n) a piece of cloth that is hung to cover a window
Example: to draw/draw back/pull back the curtains(= to open them, so that the window is no longer covered)

deliver /dɪˈlɪvə(r)/
(v) to take goods, letters, etc. to the person or people they have been sent to
Example: Do you have your milk delivered?

difficult /ˈdɪfɪkəlt/
(adj) not easy; needing effort or skill to do or to understand
Example: a difficult problem/task/exam

distribute /dɪˈstrɪbjuːt/
(v) to give things to a large number of people; to share something between a number of people
Example: The money was distributed among schools in the area.

essentially /ɪˈsenʃəli/
(adj) when you think about the true, important or basic nature of somebody/something
Example: The article was essentially concerned with her relationship with her parents (= it dealt with other things, but this was the most important).

event /ɪˈvent/
(n) a thing that happens, especially something important
Example: The election was the main event of 2008.

feature /ˈfiːtʃə(r)/
(n) something important, interesting or typical of a place or thing
Example: The software has no particular distinguishing features.

finish /ˈfɪnɪʃ/
(v) to stop doing something or making something because it is complete
Example: He put the finishing touches to his painting (= did the things that made it complete).

forest /ˈfɒrɪst/
(n) a large area of land that is thickly covered with trees
Example: a forest fire

ground /ɡraʊnd/
(n) the solid surface of the earth
Example: He lost his balance and fell to the ground.

imply /ɪmˈplaɪ/
(v) to suggest that something is true or that you feel or think something, without saying so directly
Example: It was implied that we were at fault.

indirect /ˌɪndəˈrekt/
(adj) happening not as the main aim, cause or result of a particular action, but in addition to it
Example: The building collapsed as an indirect result of the heavy rain.