automobile /ˈɔːtəməbiːl/
(noun) a car
Example: After all, automobiles lead to thousands of highway deaths every year.

accelerator /əkˈseləreɪtər/
(noun) the pedal in a car or other vehicle that you press with your foot to control the speed of the engine
Example: In a car, you push the accelerator with your foot.

brake pedal
brake pedal /breɪk ˈpɛd(ə)l/
(noun) the pedal that you push down with your foot to make a vehicle slow down or stop
Example: I like a brake pedal rather than a brake switch.

clutch pedal
clutch pedal /klʌtʃ ˈpɛd(ə)l/
(noun) are the components in automobiles and other powered road vehicles, such as trucks and buses, used for driving and parking.
Example: His feet buried the clutch and brake pedal into the floorboard.

fuel gauge
fuel gauge /fjuː(ə)l ɡeɪdʒ/
(noun) is an instrument used to indicate the amount of fuel in a fuel tank
Example: You should check fuel gauge regularly.

gear stick
gear stick /ɡɪə stɪk/
(noun) is a metal lever attached to the shift assembly in an automobile transmission
Example: He thrust the gear stick forward and pushed his foot to the floor.

handbrake /ˈhændbreɪk/
(noun) a brake in a vehicle that is operated by hand, designed to be used when the vehicle has already stopped
Example: He released the handbrake.

speedometer /spiːˈdɑːmɪtər/
(noun) an instrument in a vehicle which shows how fast the vehicle is going
Example: I took a glance at the speedometer: eighty miles per hour and still increasing.

steering wheel
steering wheel /ˈstɪrɪŋ wiːl/
(noun) the wheel that the driver turns to control the direction that a vehicle goes in
Example: It's a van, so you have to work with the steering wheel a bit.

temperature gauge
temperature gauge /ˈtɛmp(ə)rətʃə ɡeɪdʒ/
(noun) is a device that measures temperature or a temperature gradient
Example: Don't forget to check your temperature gauge.

warning light
warning light /ˈwɔːnɪŋ lʌɪt/
(noun) one of the orange lights at the front and back of a car that turn on and off repeatedly to warn other drivers of danger
Example: a red warning light