beach /biːtʃ/
(noun) an area of sand or small stones (called shingle ), next to the sea or a lake
Example: We are going to Sam Son beach.

bathing suit
bathing suit /ˈbeɪðɪŋ suːt/
(noun) a piece of clothing worn for swimming, especially the type worn by women and girls

boogie board
boogie board /ˈbʊɡi bɔːrd/
(noun) a small board used for riding on waves in a lying position

cooler /ˈkuːlər/
(noun) a machine that cools things, especially drinks
Example: They took a cooler full of drinks to the beach.

life jacket
life jacket /ˈlaɪf dʒækɪt/
(noun) a jacket without arms that can be filled with air, designed to help you float if you fall in water

life preserver
life preserver /ˈlaɪf prɪzɜːrvər/
(noun) a piece of material that floats well, often in the shape of a ring, or a jacket made of such material, used to rescue a person who has fallen into water, by keeping them above water

lifeguard /ˈlaɪfɡɑːrd/
(noun) a person who is employed at a beach or a swimming pool to rescue people who are in danger in the water
Example: They need a lifeguard.

limpet /ˈlɪmpɪt/
(noun) a small shellfish that sticks very tightly to rocks

jellyfish /ˈdʒelifɪʃ/
(noun) a sea creature with a body like jelly and long thin parts called tentacles that can give a sharp sting (= a painful wound on the skin)
Example: The jellyfish is a sea animal with a soft oval almost transparent body.

coral /ˈkɔːrəl/
(noun) a hard substance that is red, pink or white in colour, and that forms on the bottom of the sea from the bones of very small creatures. Coral is often used in jewellery.
Example: Colorful coral and tropical fish combine to make for an interesting day at the beach.

conch /kɑːŋk/
(noun) the shell of a sea creature that is also called a conch