Dentist's Office


aware /əˈwer/
(adjective) knowing or realizing something
Example: My dentist made me aware that I should have an appointment twice a year

catch up
catch up /kætʃ ʌp/
(phrasal verb) to reach somebody who is ahead by going faster
Example: The dental assistant caught up on her paperwork in between patients

distraction /dɪˈstrækʃn/
(noun) a thing that takes your attention away from what you are doing or thinking about
Example: To provide a distraction from the noise, Luisa's dentist offered her a pair of earphones

encouragement /ɪnˈkɜːrɪdʒmənt/
(noun) the act of encouraging somebody to do something; something that encourages somebody
Example: Let me offer you some encouragement about your crooked teeth

evident /ˈevɪdənt/
(adjective) clear; easily seen
Example: The presence of a wisdom tooth was not evident until the dentist started to examine the patient

habit /ˈhæbɪt/
(noun) a thing that you do often and almost without thinking, especially something that is hard to stop doing
Example: The patient had a habit of grinding his teeth during his sleep

illuminate /ɪˈluːmɪneɪt/
(verb) to shine light on something
Example: Let me turn on more lights to properly illuminate the back teeth

irritate /ˈɪrɪteɪt/
(verb) to annoy somebody, especially by something you continuously do or by something that continuously happens
Example: Aspirin irritates my stomach

overview /ˈəʊvərvjuː/
(noun) a general description or an outline of something
Example: I did a quick overview of your teeth and they look in good shape

position /pəˈzɪʃn/
(noun) the place where somebody/something is located
Example: Let me tilt your head to a more comfortable position for you

regularly /ˈreɡjələrli/
(adverb) at regular intervals or times
Example: She brushes regularly after every meal

restore /rɪˈstɔːr/
(verb) to bring back a situation or feeling that existed before
Example: The cleaning restored the whiteness of my teeth