available /əˈveɪləbl/
(adjective) that you can get, buy or find
Example: I checked the list of available compact discs before ordering

broaden /ˈbrɔːdn/
(verb) to become wider
Example: Dominique wants to broaden her knowledge of opera history

category /ˈkætəɡɔːri/
(noun) a group of people or things with particular features in common
Example: Jazz is one of many categories of music

disparate /ˈdɪspərət/
(adjective) made up of parts or people that are very different from each other
Example: Religious song cut across disparate categories of music

divide /dɪˈvaɪd/
(verb) to separate into parts; to make something separate into parts
Example: The music class was evenly divided between those who liked country and western music and those who do not

favor /ˈfeɪvər/
(noun) a thing that you do to help somebody
Example: Sam enjoys the works of several composers but he tends to favor Mozart

instinct /ˈɪnstɪŋkt/
(noun) a natural quality that makes people and animals tend to behave in a particular way using the knowledge and abilities that they were born with rather than thought or training
Example: The student's ability to play the cello was so natural, it seemed an instinct

prefer /prɪˈfɜːr/
(verb) to like one thing or person better than another; to choose one thing rather than something else because you like it better
Example: Ms. Lanet prefers to get a seat near the aisle when she attends a concert

reason /ˈriːzn/
(noun) a cause or an explanation for something that has happened or that somebody has done
Example: There is every reason to believe that Beethoven will still be popular in the next century

relaxation /ˌriːlækˈseɪʃn/
(noun) a way of resting and enjoying yourself; time spent resting and enjoying yourself
Example: He played the piano for relaxation and pleasure

taste /teɪst/
(noun) the particular quality that different foods and drinks have that allows you to recognize them when you put them in your mouth
Example: He has very good taste in music.

urge /ɜːrdʒ/
(verb) to advise or try hard to persuade somebody to do something
Example: His mother urged him to study the piano