Office supplies


binder clip
binder clip /ˈbʌɪndə klɪp/
(n.) is a simple device for binding sheets of paper together
Example: Can you buy some binder clips, please?

correction pen
correction pen /kəˈrekʃn pen/
(n.) is an opaque, usually white fluid applied to paper to mask errors in text
Example: Can I use a correction pen to cover errors?

folder /ˈfəʊldər/
(n.) a cover made of stiff card or plastic for holding loose papers, etc.
Example: Folders are used to hold loose paper.

highlighter /ˈhʌɪlʌɪtə/
(n.) a special pen used for marking words in a text in bright colours
Example: I left my highlighter at home.

notepad /ˈnəʊtpad/
(n.) sheets of paper that are held together at the top and used for writing notes on
Example: Where did you find my notepad?

paper clip
paper clip /ˈpeɪpə(r) klɪp/
(n.) a piece of bent wire or plastic that is designed to hold loose sheets of paper together
Example: My producer reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a few pieces of paper held together with a paper clip

pushpin /ˈpʊʃ.pɪn/
(n.) a type of drawing pin with a coloured plastic head that is not flat
Example: Add pushpins to mark certain locations on the map

stapler /ˈsteɪplər/
(n.) a small device used for putting staples into paper, etc.
Example: Do you have a stapler?

staples /ˈsteɪp(ə)lz/
(n.) a short, thin piece of wire used to fasten sheets of paper together. It has sharp ends that are pushed through the paper and then bent flat by a special device
Example: I need some staples.

thumbtack /ˈθʌmtak/
(n.) a short pin with a large round, flat head, used especially for fastening paper to a board or wall
Example: Where can I buy some thumbtack?