consult /kənˈsʌlt/
(verb) to go to somebody for information or advice
Example: If the pain continues, consult your doctor.

control /kənˈtrəʊl/
(noun) the power to make decisions about how a country, an area, an organization, etc. is run
Example: Please take your medication every day to control your high blood pressure

convenient /kənˈviːniənt/
(adjective) useful, easy or quick to do; not causing problems
Example: Is this a convenient location for you to pick up your prescription?

detect /dɪˈtekt/
(verb) to discover or notice something, especially something that is not easy to see, hear, etc.
Example: The tests are designed to detect the disease early.

factor /ˈfæktər/
(noun) one of several things that cause or influence something
Example: Could my cat be a factor contributing to my asthma?

interaction /ˌɪntərˈækʃn/
(noun) the act of communicating with somebody, especially while you work, play or spend time with them
Example: My pharmacist was concerned about the interaction of the two medications I was prescribed

limit /ˈlɪmɪt/
(noun) the greatest or smallest amount of something that is allowed
Example: We were reaching the limits of civilization.

monitor /ˈmɑːnɪtər/
(noun) a screen that shows information from a computer; a television screen used to show particular kinds of information
Example: The patient had weekly appointments so that the doctor could monitor their progress

potential /pəˈtenʃl/
(adjective) that can develop into something or be developed in the future
Example: To avoid any potential side effects from the medication, be sure to tell your doctor all the drugs you are currently taking

sample /ˈsæmpl/
(noun) a number of people or things taken from a larger group and used in tests to provide information about the group
Example: A sample of the population taking the new medicine was surveyed to determine whether it caused side effects

sense /sens/
(noun) an understanding about something; an ability to judge something
Example: I got the sense it would be better to get my prescription filled right away

volunteer /ˌvɑːlənˈtɪr/
(noun) a person who does a job without being paid for it
Example: Several staff members volunteered for early retirement