Promotions and Awards


contribute /kənˈtrɪbjuːt/
(verb) to give something, especially money or goods, to help achieve or provide something
Example: Make sure your boss is aware of the work you contributed to the project

dedication /ˌdedɪˈkeɪʃn/
(noun) the hard work and effort that somebody puts into an activity or a purpose because they think it is important
Example: The director's dedication to a high-quality product has motivated many of his employees

look forward to
look forward to /lʊk ˈfɔːrwərd tə/
(phrasal verb) to be thinking with pleasure about something that is going to happen (because you expect to enjoy it)
Example: We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting

look to
look to /lʊk tə/
(phrasal verb) to consider something and think about how to make it better
Example: The staff is looking to their supervisor for guidance and direction

loyal /ˈlɔɪəl/
(adjective) remaining constant in your support of somebody/something
Example: Even though your assistant is loyal, you have to question his job performance

merit /ˈmerɪt/
(noun) the quality of being good and of deserving praise or reward
Example: Employees are evaluated on their merit and not on seniority

obviously /ˈɑːbviəsli/
(adverb) used when giving information that you expect other people to know already or agree with
Example: Her tardiness was obviously resented by her coworkers

promote /prəˈməʊt/
(verb) to help sell a product, service, etc. or make it more popular by advertising it or offering it at a special price
Example: Even though the sales associate had a good year, it wasn't possible to promote him

recognition /ˌrekəɡˈnɪʃn/
(noun) the act of remembering who somebody is when you see them, or of identifying what something is
Example: Recognition of excellent work should be routine for every manager

value /ˈvæljuː/
(noun) how much something is worth in money or other goods for which it can be exchanged
Example: The expert valued the text at $7,000