animated /ˈænɪmeɪtɪd/
(adj) full of interest and energy
Example: Sounds of animated conversation and laughter came from the next room.

combo /ˈkɒmbəʊ/
(n) a number of different things combined together, especially different types of food
Example: I'll have the burrito and taco combo, please.

coupon /ˈkuːpɒn/
(n) a small piece of printed paper that you can exchange for something or that gives you the right to buy something at a cheaper price than normal
Example: With this coupon you can have a free dinner in our restaurant.

cutlery /ˈkʌtləri/
(n) knives, forks and spoons, used for eating and serving food
Example: Put the cutlery in the drawer.

dessert /dɪˈzɜːt/
(n) sweet food eaten at the end of a meal
Example: What's for dessert?

drink /drɪŋk/
(n) liquid for drinking; an amount of a liquid that you drink
Example: Can I have a drink?

main course
main course /ˌmeɪn ˈkɔːs/
(n) the main or largest part of the meal
Example: I had salmon, rice and broccoli as a main course.

napkin /ˈnæpkɪn/
(n) a piece of cloth or paper used at meals for protecting your clothes and cleaning your lips and fingers
Example: Sometimes I don’t use cloth napkins.

restaurant /ˈrestrɒnt/
Example: We're going to try this Italian restaurant that just opened.

side dish
side dish /ˈsaɪd dɪʃ/
(n) a small amount of food, for example a salad, served with the main course of a meal
Example: Side dish usually includes vegetables.

speciality /ˌspeʃiˈæləti/
(n) a type of food or product that a restaurant or place is famous for because it is so good
Example: Seafood is a speciality on the island.

waiter /ˈweɪtə(r)/
(n) a person whose job is to serve customers at their tables in a restaurant, etc.
Example: Waiter, could you bring me some water?